Create Big Changes!

Making big changes is not easy. So know what you are getting into. If you want to have a lot of influence over other people, you have to adjust their existing conditioning. That means that you are literally changing their brains! Our brain learns in three ways:

  1. Imprinting. This only takes place shortly after your birth and is therefore of little interest to our goal.
  2. Associative learning. In associative learning, the brain makes a probability relationship between two sensory impressions. Think of Pavlov’s dog. Because Pavlov is the discoverer of associative learning, it is also known as Pavlovian learning. Pavlov himself already indicated that if you want to influence associative learning in people, it is best to do this with hypnosis.
  3. Instrumental learning. In instrumental learning, the brain creates a probability relationship between your behavior and what your behavior yields to you. If you want to influence this form of learning, you have to use Skinner’s ABC model.

There is literally no other way you can influence the other person’s brain. In short, if you want a big change, use associative and instrumental learning!

Man does not have a blank learning machine

Associative and instrumental learning both overlooked something. They assumed that you learn everything from the environment. That you are, as it were, born with a blank learning machine. But this is not the case, thanks to evolution. Everyone has an innate learning machine in their head that comes with specific evolutionary behavioral patterns. Cybernetic Big Five Theory (CB5T) and my CB5T-based Neurogram® model are the best way to map these evolutionary behavioral patterns. Instead of becoming like the other and only achieving a small change, with CB5T you get so much insight into how the brains of others work that you can influence them without having to change yourself.

In summary, to influence other people you have to be able to do three things:

  1. Without the other realizing it, make an estimate of what type of CB5T brain type he or she has. Then you need to check that with smart casual questions. As soon as that test confirms your assessment, you will know exactly how this person works in terms of emotions, motivation and cognition. Moreover, you will then know exactly which influencing strategy works best on him or her.
  2. To use hypnotic language patterns so that you directly influence the unconscious of the other to break through old associations and create new ones. It is very important that you learn to look and listen carefully to the other person, because in this way he or she supplies you with the ammunition, with which you can influence his or her unconsciousness.
  3. Using the ABC model to understand how to reverse the positive reinforcement of undesirable behavior and at the same time how to reward the desired behavior of the person in question, so that he or she becomes addicted to whatever you want him or her to do. And he or she continues to do so.

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