Increase Your Influence programme

The programme consists of seven days spread over seven months, giving you ample time to prove in practice that you have actually increased your personal influence. Moreover, this time is necessary so that you can actually make your first behavioral changes with one or more other people. In addition to the seven meetings of the study program, you are also working on the implementation of the Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) protocol in a private or business environment.

The programme is as follows:

Day 1: We start the first day with an introduction to how big changes work. You will learn the principles of associative learning, instrumental learning, the ABC model and Cybernetic Big Five Theory (CB5T). In addition, we immediately start to look concretely at how you can put the change you want into practice and how this change is supported by the online tools that you receive within this training: the OBM Optimizer.

Day 2: During this day we will delve deeply into Cybernetic Big Five Theory. We first do an extensive test to discover how your brain type works and what this means for your own evolutionary behavioral patterns. Then we will start making a measurement plan according to the OBM protocol in order to prove that you have managed to make a big change in practice.

Day 3: During this day we return to Cybernetic Big Five Theory. We are now doing a deep dive in the entire CB5T model. In this way you gain insight into how very primitive evolutionary behavioral patterns have a major influence on our emotions, our motivation and how we learn things (cognition). In addition, you learn from the OBM protocol how to make ABC analyzes, so that you gain insight into why there is too much unwanted behavior and too little desired behavior.

Day 4: On day four we round up the CB5T with everything you need to know to make a good estimate of what brain type people have based on their appearance and behavior. Then you learn how to test this unobtrusively. Finally, you will receive guidelines for each type on how to best influence someone with a certain brain type. Day four we conclude with learning to work with feedback. Feedback is one of the best ways to influence people, but there are quite a few misunderstandings around feedback.

Day 5: On day five we introduce two communication models based on which the hypnotic language patterns work. You will learn how to communicate to clarify and how to communicate to influence. You learn how important it is to state your own point of view very clearly. Moreover, you learn how to protect your own unconsciousness against unwanted external influences. At the end of the day we will go deeper into how you set goals according to the OBM protocol.

Day 6: During this day we will work hard to learn all the hypnotic language patterns to influence people without realizing it. You learn how to give people commands and how to influence people’s brain in such a way that the critical assessment of what you have to say decreases sharply. In addition, you learn everything about how you reward and positively reinforce people when they show it through your desired behavior. Only by positively reinforcing desired behavior do you ensure that the change you have gotten remains long-term.

Day 7. On the last day you will learn how you use presuppositions. By presupposing the change you increase the chance of the change. On the basis of presuppositions you learn how to impose truth on people, even if they actually think the opposite. Finally, you will learn how to evaluate and adjust each desired change to ensure that you have the highest chance of success and that the only question that remains is: how quickly do you achieve the desired change?

Logistical details:

  • Venue:
  • Address: Binderij 7-L, 1185 ZH Amstelveen, the Netherlands
  • Time: 10 am till 5 pm.
  • Online through Zoom

Taking an exam at the VU-university of Amsterdam

Because you learn everything about the OBM protocol during the Increase Your Influence programme, it is possible for anyone who has attended higher education to take an exam at the VU-university of Amsterdam. The exam is taken completely independently. The exam consists of a theoretical exam that is taken online and a 30-minute practical exam at the VUuniversity in Amsterdam or through a live session online. In the partial exam you present the change you have been working on in the past seven months in a 15 minutes presentation. Then you are questioned about it for 15 minutes by the two examiners of the VU-university of Amsterdam.

If you pass this exam, you will receive the OBM Practitioner certificate from the VU-university of Amsterdam. If you compare the programme of the Increase Your Influence programme with any regular (including our own) OBM Practitioner training, you will see that the Increase Your Influence training is much more extensive in terms of lead time as well as contact hours and subjects. At the same time, you will learn everything that is in the regular OBM Practitioner course. This also applies to all hypnotic language patterns which, although they are not part of the regular OBM Practitioner training, they do fall within the boundaries of OBM. Only Cybernetic Big Five Theory extends OBM.

The exam is completely optional. The Increase Your Influence programme can be done without any problems if you do not have attended higher education. Once you know what you are doing, influencing other people is easy! So that means for you that you can do the Increase Influence course regardless of your previous education or background. 

There are three different options when it comes to participating in the Increase Your Influence programme:

  1. Participate in our programme in Amsterdam. We start with a five day week to cover all subjects, followed by four months of half a day online group sessions and 1-on-1 mentoring as you implement what you have learnt.
  2. Organize an incompany programme. We love to work abroad. Basically we again start with a five day week followed by four months half a day of online group sessions and 1-on-1 mentoring.
  3. Participate in our online programme. We have one full day group session a month and 1-on-1 online mentoring sessions for seven months.

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