Whitepapers, videos and more

In 2004, Joost van der Leij was the first to use the internet to distribute whitepapers about his work. That was also noticed in the US and that is why Joost van der Leij taught this method to numerous marketers in the US during seminars in Las Vegas and Atlanta.

Fifteen years later and Joost van der Leij has a huge library of resources available. Unfortunately, most of these resources are in Dutch. Joost has written more than twenty books he has written including Brain Training, Management Cybernetics and The Neurogram Handbook. But those books are in Dutch. In English though there is:

Through NLPflix you have access to more than 15 hours of training material on video. But if you want to get acquainted first, fill out the form below so you can get instant access to the following resources that help you make big changes:

  • Our whitepaper: A circumplex model of Cybernetic Big Five Theory.
  • White paper about discovering your own brain type and the evolutionary behavioral patterns associated with it.
  • A video about presuppositions, the number two most influential language pattern.

To achieve major changes, the following three things are necessary:

  1. Consider a person’s brain type.
  2. Break through negative associations that get in the way of your change and replace them with new, positive associations.
  3. Make behaving unwantedly increasingly difficult to do and promote desired behavior by adding positive consequences to it.

You can start right away on the basis of the aforementioned resources. In short, when you want to start influencing other people and you want to learn more about the best way to do it, fill out the form below and receive all these resources: