Webinar Instrumental Learning

Instrumental learning is one of the four ways in which the brain learns in addition to imprinting, associative learning and evolutionary learning. Whereas in associative learning the brain establishes a probability relationship between two different sensory impressions, in instrumental learning the brain establishes a probability relationship between our behavior and what our behavior yields. 

Our opinions are largely determined by the associations we build. What we do is largely determined by what our behavior yields to us. In other words, our behavior is mainly determined by instrumental learning. If you want to influence someone’s behavior, you must use instrumental learning.

Yet for most people, instrumental learning is completely unknown. Instrumental learning works on the basis of the ABC model. In this model, the A stands for Antecedents. Antecedents is all that precedes behavior or what is necessary to enable behavior. The B stands for Behavior. The C stands for Consequences. Consequences are everything that happens after the behavior has taken place. 

Almost all ways of influencing people use Antecedents. While research has clearly shown that our behavior is mainly influenced by Consequences. 

That is why we will soon be giving the free webinar Instrumental Learning via Zoom. In the form below you will find the next date and time. This way everyone can get acquainted with the ABC model and immediately apply it concretely in their own lives. You immediately increase your personal effectiveness and from now on you are much better able to influence people. In short, feel free to join this wonderful webinar. If you want to participate, fill in the form below so that you will immediately receive the Zoom link of the webinar:

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