ABC-NLP Practitioner international edition

This is the international edition of the ABC-NLP Practitioner online. To be clear: the most important part of NLP training is that an excellent trainer like Licensed NLP Master Trainer Joost van der Leij is able to train your unconciousness to do almost all NLP skills automatically. Please, contact us if you got a group of 10 people who want to be trained live by Licensed NLP Master Trainer Joost van der Leij. Training can be in the wonderful city of Amsterdam, or in a great place near you.

Lesson 1: What is ABC-NLP? And the most important NLP technique, Spinning Feelings, explained & demonstrated

Lesson 2: How ABC-NLP shows that all the core elements of NLP are connected and interrelated

Lesson 3: How to overcome adversity and take away worries about the future using visualization exercises

Lesson 4: How to stop negative inner self talk

Lesson 5: How to make great decisions by using NLP

Lesson 6: Get a better self image and more self love with the NLP Swish technique

Lesson 7: Your thirty year plan, the NLP technique using time lines

Two modes of communication. Advanced ABC-NLP on the deep structure and surface structure

Lesson 9: The metamodel of communication of NLP, part one

Lesson 10: The metamodel of communication of NLP, part two

Lesson 11: The Milton model of NLP. Indirect language patterns including the all important embedded command

Lesson 12: The Milton model of NLP. Ambiguities, Metaphor and the inverse metamodel

Lesson 13: How to use the presuppositions of the Milton model of NLP to force truth onto others

Lesson 14: Hypnosis! The easiest way to hypnotize almost anyone with NLP as an application of hypnosis

Lesson 15: How NLP submodalities explain how your brain works and how your brain codes meaning and information

Lesson 16: NLP strategies, feedback & TOTE model

Lesson 17: NLP anchoring, online and offline

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