Determining brain types with the Neurogram® Consultant tool

As you can see, you enter six different data points per brain type. These data points are:

  1. The person’s first initial estimate to determine how much he or she already knows about his or her brain type.
  2. The number of questions the person got right out of the five questions per brain type.
  3. The number of behaviors that the person recognizes based upon the group (doers, thinkers, or image) that brain type falls into. 
  4. How well he or she recognizes his or her stress and relaxation responses.
  5. How well he or she recognizes his or her deadly sin and cardinal virtue behavior.
  6. A free data field to zoom in 1-on-1 for those people whose brain type is not so easy to determine.

    The chance of the relationship based on the brain types

    The following variables determine the chance of success of a relationship and which partner gets the most out of the relationship:

    1. The type of relationship (romantic, private or business) .
    2. The brain types of both partners.
    3. The extent to which they are stressed, relaxed, or neither stressed nor relaxed.
    4. The extent to which they structurally achieve their goals or not.
    5. Whether they are familiar with ABC-NLP, NLP or neither.
    6. Whether they are familiar with their brain types or not aware of them.

    Group and team dynamics

    Based on the brain types of the team or family members, the dynamics are determined for how they interact with each other in times of stress, relaxation, when there is neither stress nor relaxation (the neutral situation) and in their current situation. All the Neurogram® consultant inputs are the brain types and the degree to which each individual is stressed, relaxed or neither stressed nor relaxed.

    In addition to the above dynamics for the Big Two, the Neurogram® Consultant tool also shows similar dynamics for the Big Five, the Big Ten, Panksepp’s basic negative emotions (Fear, Anger, Sadness), Panksepp’s basic positive emotions (Care, Lust, Seeking & Play) and how the team deals with problems.

    This tool is only available to Neurogram® consultants. To become a Neurogram® consultant, you must first follow the online Neurogram video course and participate in three different Zoom sessions where you learn how to use this fabulous tool. When you purchase the Neurogram® Consultant tool, you get the following:

    • Your own version of the Neurogram® Consultant tool. You get a lifetime license to use it. This means that you will receive all new versions for free in the future, even as soon as an app and/or a web application is developed.
    • Three Zooom sessions with Joost van der Leij to learn how to use the Neurogram® model for brain types even better and also learn how to use the tool exactly. These three Zoom sessions are concluded with an assignment in which you find out someone’s brain type and make a report on it.
    • A quarterly subscription to NLPflix so you can go through all Neurogram® training videos.
    • All necessary documentation including the English translation of The Neurogram® Handbook.
    • A license as a Neurogram® consultant so that you can also present yourself as a Neurogram® consultant in your marketing.

    You can order the Neurogram® Consultant tool using the form below. You will receive your own spreadsheet immediately. Your investment is used to further develop the software. As soon as enough consultants participate, an app and/or a web application will be developed. So join us and order the Neurogram® Consultant tool today by filling out the form below:

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